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Without a team, we would be nothing. 

Without a team, we would be nothing. Without our grandfather, the founder of the Gatterer Bakery, there would be no team.

We want everyone to enjoy working in the bakery, in the pastry shop or in our branches around Bruneck.

Is the work sometimes hard? Yes

Is the work sometimes stressful because of the season? Yes

Do you sometimes have to stand in for each other? Yes


We know this, and we endure all this with and for each other. 

When we can pat each other on the back after an exhausting day, it is like after a hard mountain climb. At the end, everything is done, and you know what you did it for, and now it's just time to appreciate the moment.

Konditorei Gatterer Kiens
Bäckerei Gatterer Kiens

We know each other...

That's what a family business is all about. We know each other. We all strive to create. Do you too?

We offer comprehensive training, and we are looking for people who show initiative, a willingness to learn and commitment.

You'll fit in well with us if:

— You are willing to learn, even if you already have experience.

— “Team player” is not just an empty word for you

— you are willing to stand up for each other and lend a hand in various areas

— you want a permanent position in a working community that gives you stability and encourages you along the way.

Safety, community, and promotions. Is it all real? 

With us, it's all real and guaranteed! We offer:

— 30% discount on our products

— mutual help and support

—  regular additional deposits on your retirements fund

— vouchers and one or two other surprises, which of course we are not going to reveal here, yet

— we celebrate our work together and consciously take time to do so as a team.


Apply to work with us! We look forward to getting to know you in person.


Do you want to take a look around and see who you will be working with? 

Bäckerei Gatterer Kiens
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