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Ice cream factory

Gatterer Eismanufaktur Kiens

Ice cold passion

A craving for ice cream. Your Italian getaway is scoop-shaped!

Whether we are already grown-up or still a little  kid, if we love the “dolce vita“, everyday happiness could be  just one scoop away…


Here in Val Pusteria, ice cream is still made fresh, accordingly to authentic Italian recipes then perfected by Gatterer.


Whether creamy or fruity – or both – in a small cup or a Stanitzel cone, you'll enjoy an icy feeling of happiness pleasantly melting in your mouth.

Gatterer Eismanufaktur Kiens


Ice cream all year round, from chocolate to tangerine sorbet

Just like in the art of bread-making, Gatterer also keeps its standards and promises in the production of authentic ice cream, free from cheap syrups or flavour enhancers: in Gatterer ice cream from the Puster Valley, you will find only high-quality local milk and cream and, in the fruity varieties, only fresh fruit.


Speaking of our fruits.


In addition to the classics such as chocolate, vanilla and stracciatella ice cream, a wide selection of seasonal highlights is waiting for you at the ice cream counter.


In summer, peanut ice cream with caramel and chocolate or mascarpone ice cream with cornflakes; in winter, delicious panettone ice cream, vanilla wafer, or cinnamon ice cream…

Gatterer Eismanufaktur Kiens
Gatterer Eismanufaktur Kiens

But how the ice cream made his way to the Puster Valley?

Matthäus Gatterer has always been the ice cream lover in the family.

His passion soon led him to Italy, to the Adriatic coast, to discover the art of homemade ice cream in its originality. In Brixen, he completed his training as a master ice cream maker to master the true art of ice cream making from the very beginning.


Ours is the heaven of ice cream, rooted in tradition but full of creativity and innovation, with flavours that you can probably only find in Val Pusteria, and which we adapt to the season all year round.


Your ice cream menu includes many flavours made every day with pure Amore. And working with genuine and natural ingredients also means adapting production to each one of them to bring you the best experience in terms of texture, colour, and taste and…the authentic art of ice cream!

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