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Ice cream factory - products

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Your Pustertal ice cream in abundance

Fresh and homemade, decorate your ice cream counter in our branches.

Regional cream, fresh fruit or the finest chocolate and nuts - every variety takes you ice-cold into your taste paradise.

Our ice cream is not only available in scoops, but also as an ice cream cake - you can also order these online: for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, for your favorite colleagues or your family. Choose your favorite types of ice cream and have your ice cream cake put together individually for you.

But does it even need a reason? You are the cause.

Our products

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Mango ice cream

the sweet taste and aroma of the Indian mango Alfonso are the absolute stars in our high-fruit-content mango ice cream. Divine taste and feelings from theSouthern Seas toVal Pusteria


Strawberry ice cream

“With the sun in our hearts”. Just like our strawberry ice cream with its fruity and sweet taste and at least 30% fruit content. A delight for young and old.

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passion fruit ice cream

our passion fruit ice cream with its fruity and slightly sour taste isa refreshing treat on hot days

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Lemon ice cream

made with pure Sicilian lemon juice, it encapsulates the taste of SouthernItaly to be savoured with every spoonful

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Mixed berries ice cream

simply, a classic full of flavour. Our ice cream, made from the tastiest berries, is just the authentic mixed berry ice cream

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Chocolate ice cream without milk

the pure,tangy taste of our high-quality chocolate is perfectly released and enhanced, even without the use of milk

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Tutti frutti ice cream

a true fruit explosion in your mouth: try it, and you'll be thrilled!

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Lemon & Basil Ice Cream

two of Italy's classic favourites combined in one gelato.The acidity of the lemon and the refreshing note of the basil are an unusual but incredible mix!

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Hazelnut and pistachio ice cream, vegan

with our vegan dried fruit varieties, you can enjoy both hazelnuts and pistachios and all their tasty flavour!

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coconut ice cream

Our fresh milk from Bruneck perfectly enhances the delicate taste of coconut.

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Amarena ice cream

fresh local milk and lusty cream mixed with tart and sweet sour cherries and crunchy chocolate. Simply divine!

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Vanilla icecream

the classic among creamy gelatos. Fresh, local milk refined with the Bourbon vanilla spices from Tahiti. Perfect to enjoy at any time of year.

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yoghurt ice cream

acidic freshness captured in a sweet and creamy base of local milk and sugar. Our yoghurt ice cream has a unique, unmistakable flavour, with or without fruit

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Hazelnut Ice Cream:

high quality hazelnuts from Piedmont mixed with fresh local milk. What better combination to enhance the hazelnut flavour?Pure G-NUT

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Snickers ice cream

Sweet and salty caramel, crunchy peanuts, high-quality dark chocolate mixed with creamy peanut ice cream: Snickers lovers will go nuts for our ice cream!

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Nutella ice cream

Nutella needs no words. You just have to try it!

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kids ice cream

refined white and dark chocolate gelato with a generous portion of chocolate cream.For all sweet tooth... not just children!

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chocolate milk ice cream

milk from South Tyrolean high mountain farms combined with the best cocoa.“Simple and chocolaty”is the taste of our chocolate milk gelato.

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Pistacchio icecream

South Tyrolean mountain milk meets Sicilian pistachio pesto - creamy and nutty with a slightly salty note

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Stracciatella ice cream

This is how you get a classic: the best cream refined with thebest bitter chocolate with an irresistible crunch.

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After Eight ice cream

Fine dark chocolate withatangyflavour, whichbecomes a summerdelight with thefreshaddition ofmintgelato.

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Strawberry yoghurt ice cream

sweet &fruitymeets cool & creamy in a perfectcombination of strawberries and yoghurt

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Mozart ice cream

marzipan, pistachio and chocolate. Mozartkugel lovers will love our gelato“balls”

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Almond Peach Ice Cream

The delicate flavour of the Californian almond is beautifully enhanced by the light fruity acidity of the peach.

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Banana split ice cream

inspired from theAmerican traditional ice cream, we have transformed this great classic into a creamy vanilla gelato with homemade banana swirl and chocolate sauce.

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Bacio ice cream

simple delicious chocolate andhazelnutice cream, mixed with whole hazelnuts. An unmistakable Italian delight.

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Zabaglione Ice Cream

Our vanilla ice cream refined with the typical Sicilian dessert wine makes every Italian's heart beat faster...but everyone else is also welcome to try it out!

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Malaga ice cream

the unmissable creamy ice cream with rum-soaked sultanas that makes your heart beat faster!


Gatterer Eismanufaktur Kiens

Caramel Chocolate Peanut Cake

Nutty, pithy, chocolaty with the delicate melt of caramel. An ice cream cake for real biters.

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Vanilla pasta cake

A noble eye-catcher with a touch of gold. Homemade vanilla ice cream topped with Nutella. It's just nom, nom, nom!

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Gatterer Eismanufaktur Kiens

Black & White Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

White and dark chocolate ice cream combined with white and dark chocolate cream.
Children's memories of a famous bar for young and old come back to life.

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Gatterer Eismanufaktur Kiens

Mango sorbet chocolate milk cake

A South Seas dream paired with the finest chocolate.

The fruity sweetness of mango and creamy chocolate for exclusive connoisseurs.

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