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Your Gatterer locations in the Puster Valley

With our six shops, we set no limits to your craving for “bread culture” and your desire for sweets.

Each shop is a very special place for us.

In each location, you will be welcomed by our employees, of whom we are proud and who put their hearts into their work and everything they do.

Here you will be welcomed, served and cared for with professionalism and enthusiasm.

Because when you enter one of our shops, you're not just visiting “the shop”, you're warmly welcomed into the Gatterer family!

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Gatterer Filiale Kiens

Our Gatterer branch in Kiens

Our main branch

In addition to the wide selection of breads and the fine range of cakes and pies, for some time now you can also enjoy sweet and creamy ice cream that you simply can't miss!

Address: Kiener Dorfweg, 2, 39030 Kiens

Gatterer St.Lorenzen.jpg

Our Gatterer branch in St. Lorenzen

Our expansion since 2000.

Our range awaits you here, as well as an extended mom and pop range for small daily needs.


Address: Josef Renzler Straße, 14, 39030 St.Lorenzen

Gatterer Filiale Pfalzen

Our Gatterer branch in Pfalzen

Sweets, pastries, and fresh bread.

Here you will find freshly baked Gatterer specialities every day.



Address: Michael-Pacher-Strasse, 17F, 39030 Falzes

Gatterer Filiale Bruneck BIKA.jpg

Our Gatterer branch in Bruneck / BIKA

Our small niche shop with a great look!

Freshly baked sandwiches, loaves of bread, and cakes await you here. Our team is looking forward to meeting you!



Address: St.-Lorenzner-Str.18/a 39031 Brunico

Gatterer Filialen 9.6.-WEB-064-097.jpg

Our Gatterer ice cream parlor 

Open since February 2019 The Gatterer ice cream tradition and its delightful varieties are available all year round. Whether it's just for a scoop or a delicious cup, your ice cream happiness belongs here.


Address: Rathausplatz, 1, 39031 Brunico

Gatterer Filialen 9.6.-WEB-072-097.jpg

Our Gatterer branch City Cafe Bruneck

Our brand-new location, offers you every delicacy to satisfy your hunger, from bread to pastries. With its modern and stylish design, it is the perfect place for mornings breakfasts, lunches, and your evening outs.

Address: City Café Romstrasse, 4, 39031 Bruneck

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