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Konditorei Gatterer Kiens

Pastry shop in Bruneck
Everyday life isn't always sunshine and rainbows. 

Sometimes it's “that sweet little thing“ that make life magical. Our sweet bites of happiness  are cakes, pies, tarts, and cookies with roots from South Tyrol.


Healthy, with less sugar, less of this and that, and just the right amount of calories…

Let's be honest: aren't we all constantly trying to escape here and there from the daily grind that isn‘t always smooth sailing? 


And let's admit it: in those occasions, a delightful piece of cake, freshly baked, traditional yet modern, with the best ingredients in the region, well... nothing can beat that!


 Enjoyed consciously, it's a sin that is worth every spoonful!

Konditorei Gatterer Kiens


In all honesty

From our bakery come traditional creations based on regional sweets delicacies, which we also love to enjoy ourselves.

In our bakery, we focus on seasonality and regionality.

Our eggs come from the Falkensteiner poultry farm in Kiens.

We buy our milk, cream, and butter from MILA in Bruneck.

When our cakes and tarts leave the bakery, the smell of fine spices and grandma's cake is everywhere.

Whether with cream, chocolate or crumble, your little piece of happiness is right here waiting for you.

Gatterer Eismanufaktur Kiens
Konditorei Gatterer Kiens

Honest origin, honest workmanship, genuine pleasure!

And in those times when the sun does not shine on our lives, at least we know that, even if sugar cannot change everything, nonetheless it can alleviate one or two worries.


The man in charge of the sweet sins is Matthäus Gatterer, the younger of the two brothers.

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