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The origins of the Gatterers

Today, thanks to their different passions, the two brothers Lukas and Matthäus Gatterer combine everything the heart of a real gourmet’s desires, from savoury to sweet.

The Gatterers - a family business for three generations in Kiens.

Bäckerei Gatterer Kiens


Lukas Gatterer, master baker 

The savoury side of the coin, the eyes – wide – open structuralist.

Lukas is the elder of two brothers.

His journey began at the age of 14 in the family business through an apprenticeship and culminated in his becoming a master baker in Munich.

His culinary excursions also branched out into the gastronomy field and as a pizza kneader.

Quite simply, Lukas knows everything about baking bread and combines the old family knowledge and tradition with the dedication to passionately carrying out each and every task, day by day.

Lukas has a keen eye for processes and background structures. His philosophy is to optimize them significantly and to constantly find new approaches and improving solutions, while preserving the same high quality.

Bäckerei Gatterer - Lukas Gatterer
Matthäus Gatterer - Konditormeister.jpg

Matthäus Gatterer, pastry chef

The sweet side of the coin – the modern traditionalist

Matthäus, the younger of the two, began his apprenticeship at the age of 15.

With him, ice cream becomes a family business. The spark ignites in the third year of his apprenticeship. Later, Matthäus went to Italy to learn the art of making authentic ice cream according to original Italian recipes, and so became a master ice cream maker.

Creating ice cream, tarts, and cakes, that is Matthew's niche in the art of pastry making. 

And making ice cream as a modern traditionalist.

Good traditional Italian ice cream enjoyed consciously and with pleasure does no harm. That's what Matthäus stands for. Enjoying here and now, that's the meaning of “la dolce vita”.


For Matthäus, everything genuinely revolves around that cold little scoop. Whether it's producing it with passion in the family business or choosing what he loves to eat most in the world, there's only one answer: ice cream!

The opportunity of the third generation: striving for optimization.

Artisanal production is still a true art, but many sustainable opportunities arise from optimizing production processes, such as: 

— relying on traditional family recipes

— homemade pre-mixes and sourdoughs

— Introduction of long leavening and consequent reduction in the use of yeast

— Improvement of staff working conditions on a physical level

— optimization and improvement of working hours, making them more compatible with family and social life

— saving of raw materials and consequent reduction in waste production

— sustainability and optimization of a closed-loop system to minimize waste 

Bäckerei Gatterer Kiens
Bäckerei Gatterer Kiens

Establishing ways of re-use.

Part of the surplus bread can be used for breadcrumbs and dumplings. Another part goes to local farmers and their animals. A third part goes into reprocessing, a process that now naturally keeps the bread fresh longer and makes it even more digestible.

We firmly believe that, through perceived and experienced internal satisfaction, we can strongly communicate the value of our products and services, with the courage to offer the highest quality standards to both our customers and our employees, combining tradition and innovation.


Because we see ourselves as a generator of innovative impulses stimulated and supported by our ancient tradition.

Gatterer bakery - the origins

The bakery was founded by Anton Gatterer in 1946.  At that time, the business consisted only of a bakery in the old “Hilberhaus”, where bread could also be bought directly. 

The first branch of the Gatterer bakery was opened in Pfalzen in 1992. In 2002 the shop moved to Michael-Pacher-Strasse. 

In 2000, Paul Gatterer took over the business from Albert Steger, a long-time master baker in St. Lorenzen, and thus opened the second branch of the Gatterer Bakery. 

With a small sales niche in St. Lorenzner Strasse, the bakery made its debut in Bruneck/Brunico in 2007. 

With LieblingsspEISe, Matthäus Gatterer fulfilled his dream: on 14th February 2019, he opened the first ice cream parlour, right in the centre of Bruneck.

The youngest of the Gatterer branches is the City Café in Bruneck. It opened in May 2020.

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