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Indulgence from savoury to sweet – The Gatterer’s way

Quality and tradition – regional, original, genuine


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Your Pustertaler bread

Bread from tradition, craft bread made with love, original bread with a long leavening period, homemade dough, low yeast content, and no additives.

So delicious that you can hardly wait for your first slice, with that crispy crust and the finest aroma. Pure pleasure in every bite.


Gatterer Eismanufaktur 26.1-WEB-188-246.jpg

Tarts, cakes, pastries

with love from Kiens. Small pieces of happiness for your little breaks from family recipes, traditionally preserved and innovatively developed, with seasonal and regional ingredients. Sweet delicacies to enjoy, down to the last crumb. Are they worth your sin of gluttony? There’s no doubt…of course they are!

ice cream factory

Gatterer Eismanufaktur

Your gater ice cream

Your Gatterer ice cream makes all of Italy come true in a Stanitzel cone. Original Italian ice cream recipes without artificial additives or ready-made pastes, but prepared with just fresh ingredients, ripe fruits, the best cocoa, and real cream.

Don't settle for just one scoop, but treat yourself with at least two or three!

Gatterer Eismanufaktur

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Three generations. Two brothers. One promise

Genuine craftsmanship for bread, pastries, and ice cream

With the best quality, because it’s all made the Gatterer’s way!

Family recipes implemented regionally, authentic and genuinely innovative. 


Gatterer Filialen 9.6.-WEB-025-097.jpg

Take a break in our Gatterer Café

Everything looks lovely frozen in time here: enjoy the traditional quick espresso at the counter or the cappuccino on the bench together with sweet delicacies.

Quaint, hearty, warm. That’s our café in Bruneck

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about us

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Lukas and Matthäus Gatterer 

Two brothers united by their passion for their craft. One is the sweet side of the coin, the other the savoury. Together, they are capable of original creations that follow in the footsteps of tradition through innovation.

Bread and pastries, Gatterer-made. A family business with vision and perspective.

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Bread Factory

Traditional Bread Wrapped in Paper

Genuine bread from Kiens

Genuine bread from the Puster Valley

Lukas' bread passion for you

How is it made?

What goes into it?

What would you fancy?

ice cream factory

Gatterer Eismanufaktur

Traditional Italian ice cream

Traditional Italian ice cream -

Holidays with the scoop from Matthew for you

Fruity or creamy? 

What goes into your scoop?

Why not a whole ice cream cake?


Gatterer Filialen 9.6.-WEB-072-097.jpg


The best bread, tasty rolls, 

slices of cake, pastries, and pies...

...are closer than you think.

Would you like some more?

Here you will find our locations.

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