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Bäckerei Gatterer Kiens

Your enjoyment overview from the bread manufacturer from Bruneck

Succulent bread made from homemade sourdough and little yeast: our bread and pastries, ranging from savory to sweet, are impressive.

Here you will find our baked goods served on the snack board and you can not only get them in our local branches, but also order them online.

Our products

Bäckerei Gatterer Kiens
Bäckerei Gatterer Kiens

Mixed mini Rolls

Rye, wheat and many other grains. If you have guests over and want to make sure everyone finds something delicious to enjoy, you'll always be right with our mini rolls.

Bäckerei Gatterer Kiens

pumpkin seeds bread

Nutty taste with a home sweet home feeling: pumpkin seeds are not only eye-catching, they also have aremarkable nutty taste. And the Kürbiskernbrot not only goes well with pumpkin soup, but also with beetroot carpaccio.

Bäckerei Gatterer Produkte-2 10.11-WEB-085-157.jpg


South Tyrolean bread in its purest form, our family recipe with fine spices and a real crunch. And when you have friends visiting, get some wine, a Brotzeitbrettl and Schüttelbrot and nothing else

Bäckerei Gatterer Kiens

wholemeal baguette

French lightness without guiltiness, because it is baked with whole grains. Stronger in flavour than its white big brother, with rye and flaxseed for a more active intestine.

Hamburger Brötchen Bäckerei Gatterer.jpg

Pustertal ViaBreatl

Our family recipe, your classic bread for every meal:whether with jam, hummus or bacon, start your day with our Pustertalerbreatl.

Bäckerei Gatterer Kiens


The Bel Paese to bite into–you can already smell your Italian getaways! Ciabatta with olive oil, tomatoes, and buffalo mozzarella and...your culinary holiday is guaranteed!

Bäckerei Gatterer Kiens

Bernd the bread

Bread with personality, bold with lots of bite on a rye base. If you like cereals and want to fill up on fibre, then Bernd is your first choice.

Bäckerei Gatterer Kiens

Little Mantovani

Italian white bread that combines bread culture with love for soups. Its spongy and soft texture lets the soup absorb perfectly. Try a carrot and ginger soup with our Mantovani. Literally amazing

Bäckerei Gatterer Kiens.jpg

Bread roll

Golden yellow, crispy and fluffy at the same time. Our Gatterer roll is a classic and yet always a new experience for your palate because...there are no limits to your imagination

Image by Kate Remmer.webp

potato bread

Potato bread is a fragrant delight, fluffy and soft with a delicious toasty crust. Some people don’t eat any bread but our potato bread in the morning with coffee and strawberry jam, do you?

Bäckerei Gatterer Kiens


Grainy, crusty, finely balanced with rye and wheat flour, one of the. classics that you can also enjoy plain when you're on the go and just in need of a hearty snack.

Bäckerei Gatterer Kiens

spelt roll

The kerny little nut-packed roll with linseed and sesame and of course “lots and lots” of pumpkin seeds with juicy ham and fresh horseradish; that's all you need.

Bäckerei Gatterer Produkte-2 10.11-WEB-031-157.jpg

multigrain rolls

Different types of grains and seeds, hearty and delicious for our delicious evening meal with cream cheese and lots of fresh cress on top.

Bäckerei Gatterer Kiens

Pizza roll

One Italy to go, please! With Italian herbs and a hint of tomato, plus fresh rocket and a glass of red wine.Put your feet up and...enjoy!

Bäckerei Gatterer Kiens

Sunflower roll

Mild in taste and at the same time full-bodied with bite–a little powerhouse for every day.Perfect paired with both savoury and sweet, but–areal insider tip–it gives its best with honey!

Bäckerei Gatterer Kiens

nut bread

Eating more nuts means having also a good source of protein and healthy fatty acids for your sporty balanced day. This is a versatile bread to enjoy with savoury or sweet or simply plain with butter.

Hamburger Brötchen Bäckerei Gatterer.jpg

Hamburger buns

Super fluffy with fine sesame seeds for the best home made burger. Cut open before hand and lightly toasted–you can't get a better burger bread than that.

Bäckerei Gatterer Produkte-2 10.11-WEB-120-157.jpg

Fasten Pretzels

Fastenbrezen, refined with caraway seeds, is the pretzel that our grandfather Gatterer loved the most: he imply used to take a fresh pretzel and add a little butter–because most of the time, the simplest things are the better.

Bäckerei Gatterer Kiens


There is no goodday without a pretzel! You can choose them with or without salt. Without salt, our pretzels are the highlight for the little ones, who bite into them immediately, just because they can’t wait!

Bäckerei Gatterer Kiens

muesli rolls

An energy tank made of raisins and nuts–you can also call it an athlete's roll. Slightly sweet, yet ideal with savoury toppings, it gives you a kick after exercise.

Bäckerei Gatterer Produkte-2 10.11-WEB-123-157.jpg

Pretzel Stick

Not allpretzel sticks are the same. Our fine pretzel crust has been popular since time immemorial.Sometimes that's all you need: just one pretzel stick and your day is perfect!

Bäckerei Gatterer Kien

Wholemeal Breatl

Full-bodied in the truest sense of the word, just grab it and enjoy with a full mouth! Spicy with fine acidity, it goes well with both sweet and savoury, such as cheese with fig jam.

Bäckerei Gatterer Kiens


Here, the salty taste of soda and the full-bodied flavour of sunflower seeds are combined to calm the big appetite in between meals. Try to enjoy it adding tomato butter or tomato paste or purée.

Bäckerei Gatterer Kiens

Mini Vinschger

Marende is the name of the afternoon break here in our region. It's not meant to be lavish, but merende is simply an unmissable part of the day, then grab the snack and enjoy your time.

Bäckerei Gatterer Produkte 9.11-WEB-047-075.jpg

Bauernbreatl Regiokorn

Your farmer's bread without wheat flour: easily digestible, baked with local rye flour from South Tyrol and fine spices, a fragrant delight for every day.

Bäckerei Gatterer Kiens

Mini roll with sesame

Pure sesame and no compromises, crispy baked and easy to portion. Also, ideal to use as finger food during your office meetings with colleagues.

Bäckerei Gatterer Kiens

Rye ciabatta

A classic that has been developed further–with the rye being a bit more full-bodied and finely spiced in its flavour–even easier to digest as a sourdough ciabatta.

Bäckerei Gatterer Kiens

mini baguette

The ratio of less crumb to more crust makes our mini baguette the favourite one for a crispy sandwich topped with tomato, cucumber, and cheese.

Ciabrötchen Gatterer Bäckerei.jpg

six grain bread

Full steam ahead!Your Pustertal grain bread made from wheat, rye, oat flakes, barley flakes, spelt and kamut, a full range of grains and cereal that you can taste every day for your own pleasure.

Bäckerei Gatterer Produkte 9.11-WEB-030-075.jpg

Weisser Weggen

For all soup lovers who love to dip fresh bread into the soup. Our white bread classic with a toasty crust and compact crumb

Bäckerei Gatterer Kiens

bread croissant

Your French start to the day in South Tyrolean. Finely sweet, dipped in fresh brewed hot coffee and your day will begin happily with the most delicious ritual

Bäckerei Gatterer Kiens

mini roll

Just the perfect snack for the little ones with theright size, sesame, and linseed. But what if you’re a grownup? No worries! Our mini rolls have no age limit to be enjoyed!

Bäckerei Gatterer Kiens

Halbschwarzer Weggen

Sourdough-based, toasty crust, for caraway lovers who love a tart and strong flavour, wonderful with cabbage dishes or onion tart

Bäckerei Gatterer Kiens

muesli bread

Your power pack not only as an athlete, slightly sweet due to sultanas, apricots, and nuts and yet alsohearty to enjoy, filling and nourishing, even for a long day at the office.

Bäckerei Gatterer Kiens


Our classic, which gives a nod to France. Crispy white bread to enjoy freshly sliced, plain, with butter and smoked salt or as an all-rounder with an apéritif

Bäckerei Gatterer Kiens

Wholemeal croissant:

Your French classic made from whole grain, thus a little stronger but still unforgettable in taste like the original. Coffee with milk, wholemeal croissant and a newspaper...what else?

Bäckerei Gatterer Kiens


South Tyrolean bread in its purest form, our family recipe with fine spices and a real crunch. And when you have friends visiting, get some wine, a Brotzeitbrettl and Schüttelbrot and nothing else!

Ciabrötchen Gatterer Bäckerei.jpg

chia roll

Wholesome protein package with lots of chia seeds and spelt flour; served crispy with cream cheese and radish–the fresh and healthy snack for every break.

Bäckerei Gatterer Kiens


Originally from the Vinschgau region, this was also the eponym for this slightly sour and spicy bread, yoursnack classic after awholedayspent open air.

Bäckerei Gatterer

sunflower bread

A profusion of sunflower seeds for you. Dig in and stay satiated and nourished for a long time without feeling weighed down. Start the day invigorated pairing it with fresh avocado and cucumber.

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